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At Progressive Podiatry PLLC, you can get comprehensive diabetic foot and ulcer care to treat and prevent serious issues. The practice’s specially trained podiatrists, Evan Breth, DPM, and Neha Khanna, DPM, provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services in their four Brooklyn, New York, locations. Book your diabetic foot care appointment at the Park Slope, Mill Basin, or Bensonhurst location today with the online scheduling feature or call your closest office.

Diabetic Ulcers Q & A

Why do diabetics need to see a podiatrist?

For wounds to heal, blood has to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to get the healing cascade to begin. But your blood supply and circulation are limited in your feet and ankles, just because your circulatory system has a long way to go and it’s working against the force of gravity the whole time. With diabetes, you risk having damage to your veins, vessels, and arteries due to surges in blood sugar.

Continuous spikes in blood sugar can even lead to permanent nerve damage, so if you do have a seemingly minor foot wound, you might not be able to feel it. To make matters worse, diabetes is an inflammatory condition that can lead to a weakened immune system. All of these factors combined make it incredibly important to have a trusted podiatrist as part of your overall diabetes management health team.

When should I see a doctor for a diabetic foot ulcer?

Dr. Breth and Dr. Khanna recommend scheduling routine checkups every three months to prevent infections, injuries, and ulcers. You should come into Progressive Podiatry PLLC between regularly scheduled visits if you notice a diabetic ulcer or wound that’s:

  • Draining or oozing pus
  • Red and swollen
  • Foul smelling

It’s never too early to have a diabetic wound evaluated. No matter how minor or how severe your injury may seem, schedule an appointment.

What happens during a diabetic foot care appointment?

Dr. Breth and Dr. Khanna have extensive experience caring for diabetic patients, so you can feel confident that you’re going to receive quality podiatric care. Diabetic care appointments can include:

  • Physical exam
  • Nerve and sensation check
  • Treating diabetic ulcers
  • Taking the pressure off wounds (off-loading)
  • Diabetic ulcer prevention counseling

If you have a serious diabetic wound, you might need reconstructive surgery to remove damaged skin and any underlying infection. The team at Progressive Podiatry PLLC care for you throughout every step of your treatment plan and any essential surgical procedure.

If you have diabetes, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive foot exam at Progressive Podiatry PLLC. Book online or call your local office directly to schedule.