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Our double board-certified specialists have been fortunate enough to help diverse groups of people with several conditions such as bunions, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, neuroma and more with minimal invasive surgery. They are highly trained and internationally renowned for their minimal invasive surgical techniques and regenerative medicine. At Progressive Podiatry we try to make every visit to our office a seamless and easy process. We are very experienced in helping patients who visit New York to see our physicians and set up all their needs and accommodations during their stay. We will help you schedule flights; your hotel stays and any transportation needs.

A long-distance consultation with our physicians can easily be arranged on Skype or on the phone. We encourage you to email or phone our office to express your interest to set up a digital visit. It is important to let us know what procedure you are considering, the dates you are interested in having your treatment.

Please fill out the out of state/ international patient form and the office will reach out to you via email and phone within 24 hours.