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Progressive Podiatry PLLC is a comprehensive foot, ankle, and lower extremity practice based in New York with multiple locations in Brooklyn and Long Island. Plainview and Sunset Park locations are both surgical suites, brand new renovated with state of the art new technology. These in-office surgical suites have been designed with a patient-centered environment to reduce anxiety and make our patients comfortable as they go through their procedure. Our dedicated staff are ready to get your feet back in good health and have you walking pain-free as soon as possible and with the least invasive techniques required.

The clinic’s highly skilled board-certified podiatrist Evan Breth offers the latest diagnostic and treatment services for patients of all ages — from children to seniors. We offer cutting edge regenerative medicine treatment for athletes and sport injuries. Our friendly and caring team also treats international and out of state patients with introductory telemedicine appointments prior to the surgery.

Our main focus at our practices are minimally invasive procedures, in fact 85% of the procedures we do at each of our locations are minimally invasive. Minimally Invasive Procedures Combined With Regenerative Medicine Allows Faster Healing, More Comfort And Aesthetically Pleasing Results.

Our Double-Board certified podiatrist Specialize in:

Minimal Incision Minimalistic Bunion Surgery

We know that aesthetics equally important in addition to functional and structural realignment of bunion deformities

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Minimal Incision Flat Foot Correction

An evidence based solution that provides lasting results for people with hyper pronated foot. This can be done via calcanea osteotomy or subtler arthrodesis

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Regenerative Medicine

We utilized innovative solutions such as PRP, amnion injection, stem cell therapy, and laser treatments as non-surgical solutions for foot and ankle pain relief.

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Aesthetic Foot Procedures

We offer multiple aesthetic procedures including: Keryflex for nail deformity, Leneva injection for fat pad loss, Botox for hyperhidrosis, Laser treatment for fungal nail and much more.

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Sports injuries

We offer shock wave therapy for injuries like plantar fasciitis, MLS laser treatment for any tendonitis, inflammation and wound treatment.

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Laser Therapy

We offer EPAT®, Remy Laser, and Red Light Therapy as effective laser therapy treatments.

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We Offer Minimally Invasive Services

With advancements in surgical techniques and improvements in modern tools, the foot and ankle surgeons at Progressive Podiatry PLLC offer minimally invasive surgery to correct most types of ailments. The practice’s skilled podiatrist, Evan Breth, DPM, offers comprehensive pre- and postoperative care in their four Brooklyn, New York, clinic locations.

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